Job in Japan: go or no go?

My experience of starting my career in Japan to help you decide whether or not to go to Japan for job.

      Hello everyone, here I am sharing my thoughts to those who are thinking about going to Japan for a job. With many other pros Japan's technology was one of the main things that attracted me, especially their advancements in mechanical industry and robotics. It's really a great that I got to work as a fresher engineer in Japan. I am currently working in an agricultural robotic company called Ginzafarm. The company is producing robots that would help farmers. These robots will provide extra workforce, data collecting and sensing ability and intelligent decisions for those who need. Even though I studied mechanical engineering in college, I get to work on other domains of engineering too. I get to do coding, machine learning, controlling robots motions, work with GPS, sensors etc. I learned about a lot of new technologies in a short period of time working here. As the work I am doing makes the agriculture easy, I am really happy that I am contributing to it. I hope these services are made available in India too.

      There were things which bothered me before I decided to come to Japan. Some of them were
- Most of Japanese people can't speak English and Japanese is one of the harder languages. How to survive there?
- Japan has many earthquakes, so isn't it a risk to go there?
- (And as I am a vegetarian) Japan is famous for seafood and how will be a vegetarian's life there?
But I am glad that I didn't back down because of these. I learned Japanese upto some level before coming here and I never had any major issue communicating. I think a person without any Japanese knowledge can live here without any issue. But in work environment, you definitely need to know Japanese to understand everybody and avoid blunders. Coming to the earthquakes, minor earthquakes keep happening. But nobody is concerned of them as all the buildings here are built to overcome them. I was afraid of them at first but as I experienced some now, it doesn't bother me at all. There are only limited number of vegetarian dishes you can eat outside in Japan. But if you are ready to cook for yourself, there is no problem at all. You get most of the groceries you need in the stores and rest of them can be found in the Indian stores.

       There are lot of job opportunities in Japan, not only in engineering but across the other fields too. So if you have any interest in doing job in Japan, I definitely suggest you to go for it. You get to know not only Japanese people, but also get to make friends from various countries who live in Japan. Trying new places, new language, new culture, new food ... it's going to be awesome.