Permanent Residence-Japan

Though foreign nationals are cancelling visas and have a great recession, Japan is ready to welcome high skilled professionals from India and other nationals. It is ready to announce green card for foreigners from next year. Applicant of foreign nationals who are wishing to change their current status of residence in Japan to Permanent Residence, or an applicant of foreign national wishing to acquire the status of Permanent Residence by the right of birth or any other reason can apply for PR. Th

The both citizenship and permanent residence in japan is obtained by naturalization process. There are more benefits of being a citizen rather obtaining permanent residence. If you are citizen you can vote, run a public office, you can be also a civil servant in japan. In case of PR it can be cancelled at any time if there is an any offense.


·         This is an act of making a person a citizen of Japan who was not born there.

·         Foreign nationals can obtain Japanese citizenship when they complete the process of naturalization.

·         It was passed under Articles 22 and 22-2, Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

The benefits of the Permanent Resident visa are:

·         There are no restriction that you can engage in in all kind of activities

·         The Right to Vote in both Eligibility 

·         By being a citizen of Japan and acquiring permanent resident provides many privileges like voting in elections. And moreover new citizens are expected to participate in elections.

·         Once you become citizen of japan there is no more visa renewal as the Permanent Resident visa is valid for life. But you should renew residence card and stay over 1 year outside japan

·         It is easier to get loans from Japanese banks for japan citizens

The requirements for applying permanent resident in Japan :

·         Good behavior and moral conduct i.e there are no criminal records or traffic offense or payment of taxes etc…

·         Financial stability : Having sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living

·         There should be long duration of stay, 10 years of consecutive residence in Japan which includes 5 years of residence under a work visa.

·         There should a continuous stay. Currently having the 3 years of period of stay without break.

·         You should have documents declaring having paid taxes and contributed to the official Japanese social security system during the required or mandatory period such as crisis and all the payment should be before deadline at all times.

·         Having submitted all the required notifications (change of employers, change of company address etc.) to the Immigration office

·         Should have have a guarantor to support the application. The guarantor may be Japanese national or permanent resident visa holder

·         Should have stayed in Japan physically for more than 6 months prior to application and should be in japan during the application process.

·         You must be over 20 years old

·         You must be ready to agree to hold only Japanese citizenship since you would lose your own nationality once you become Japanese citizenship.

·         Respect the Japanese Constitution

The requirement of the 10 year consecutive residency is shortened in the following cases:

·         If you are a spouses of Japanese nationals and Permanent Residents. You should have been married for more than 3 years and lived more than one year continously in Japan with spouse.

·         If you are an children of Japanese nationals and Permanent Residents who lived more than one year continuously in Japan

·         Holder of Long Term Resident visa or Refugee status who lived more than 5 years in Japan continuously.

·         High skilled professional applicants who scores 70 points in this point calculation table at the time of application and also during the period of residence in japan

·         High skilled professional applicants who scores 80 points in the point calculation table during the past one year of residency before application.

Procedures for Naturalization:

·         First is that you should consult the Citizenship Division at your local Legal Affairs Bureau

·         Then collect all the required documents for application

·         File an application in person or with recognized person at the center.

·         Acceptance of application by immigration bureau

·         The Legal Affairs Bureau then goes through and checks the application

·         There will be an interview at the Legal Affairs Bureau

·         The Minister of Justice will grant an permission for citizenship

·         There will be an announcement through the Official Gazette for public opinion.

·         Naturalization certificate will be issued

·         You should return your alien registration card to government.

·         Finally report to the municipal office to create the family registration of citizenship 

Application center: The regional immigration office that is in charge of applicant's address of residence.

Office hours:  weekdays 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00

Standard procedures duration: About six months (you still have to renew your current visa if it will expire before your Permanent Resident application is approved)