Business visa for Japan!!

India–Japan relations have traditionally and economically been strong. The people of India and Japan are involved in lot of cultural and business exchange. Japan has become a prime source of investment in economy of India.

Many of the Japan companies, such as Toyota, Honda, Yamaha and Motherson had established their manufacturing facilities in India. As the Indian economy is growing, India has become a big market for Japanese companies. Japanese firms are of the first one to invest in India.

Japan is currently India's fourth largest source of foreign direct investment (FDI).

India ranks at the top of receiving funds from Japanese official development assistance (ODA). As of 2017, the trade between India and Japan was US$17.63 billion.

Japan has aided many infrastructure projects in India, such as the Delhi Metro system.

A director of IT firm in Japan Mr. Kenichi Yoshida, stated that “Indian engineers were becoming the backbone of Japan's IT industry and that it is important for Japanese industry to work together with India".

The government are more focused on imports and exports tariffs for the growth of trade. Japan's exports to India tariff will be reduced to 90% and India's exports to Japan tariff will be reduced to 97%.

India and Japan signed an agreement in December 2015 to build a bullet train line between Mumbai and Ahmedabad using Japan's Shinkansen technology, with a loan from Japan.

Indian Exports to Japan are mainly of Agricultural products, fruits and juices, sugar and honey, oils and fats, Grains and Pulses, Wheat, Tea, Coffee, Spices and herbs etc…,

Business visa:

For the first travel the main purpose this visa is of business affairs with the Japanese firms. But from the second visit it is possible to use this visa as tourist or visiting to relatives also. But from the second visit it is not allowed to perform any activities with revenue source.

Application procedures for Indian nationals to apply for a multiple-entry visa for business purpose, and for cultural activities the period of stay are 15, 30, or 90 days.

Visa validity: 1, 3, 5, 10 years

Eligibility for Applicant:

1.  Applicant with business purpose

Applicant with the following categories and his/her spouse or children can apply

A regular employee of a public (government) enterprise
An employee of a private company or a regular employee of a joint venture company which is listed on the stock exchange (including Japan, India and third countries)
A regular employee of a Japanese-affiliated company which is a member of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and has a management circle in Japan
A regular employee of a private company which has constant business transactions with a Japanese company which is listed on the stock exchange
In the last three years a regular employee with more than three travel records to Japan and travel records as temporary visitor to G7 countries for business purpose

2.  Applicants for cultural or intellectual figures etc.

Applicant with the following categories and his/her spouse or children can apply

An artist with skills of Fine Art, Literary Art, Music, Stage Play, Dance etc., a specialist in humanities in area of Literature, Law, Economics etc., or a scientist in Technology, Medicine etc. with suitable professional.
The professional such as lawyer, patent attorney, notary, certified public accountant, judicial scrivener, medical doctor who has a national or international qualification and actually working as the same position.
An amateur sports player who has relevant accomplishments
A professor, assistant professor, or lecturer of a university or a college
A director or higher officer of a national or public research institution
A Diet member, government official or a local assemblyman official are eligible

Visa fee: INR 1079.82 including tax