The Island where Bunnies rules

Okunoshima is one of the Islands where the population of the rabbits increased and became popular amongst tourist

You may have come across many islands but have you ever heard the Bunny Island, yes there is an island in Japan which is known for the bunnies where hundreds of bunnies reside and attract tourists around the world. The name of the island is Okunoshima which is situated in the East Sea of the japan which is a small island in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima prefecture which is a home for bunnies. This island is also known as Usaga Jima or Rabbit Island. Watching them together is like giving a present to your eyes, they are completely harmless and shower their love towards the visitors.

Some of them believe that during World War-2 the Japanese government had done many research for the chemical weapons in order to test the effects of the weapons. The rabbits were here after the shutdown of the labs and other research centres since then the island became home for the rabbits. This island was selected because it is far from Tokyo and other major cities of Japan, in case of disaster also the other places will be safe. The island was in the control of Japanese military even the local people were not informed about it they kept everything very secret, many of the fish preservation processors were converted as toxic gas reactors and the during those days the working conditions were too harsh and many of the workers suffered from illness due to the toxic exposure. And some of them believes that some group of students brought rabbits to the island, where the population increase to hundreds which makes the island looks full of rabbits.

Since the island is ruled by the bunnies the people ensure that they should not get any harm from the predators like dogs, cats and other animals. Bringing those animals are totally banned in this Island so that the bunnies could live their life peacefully. Some token amount is collected from the visitors in order to maintain the island and bunnies. The tourists can buy food for the rabbits buy paying 100 yens.

You can reach this island by getting a ride on a ferry from Tadanoumi and Omishima both are the gateway to the island, which is quite popular amongst the tourists. Apart from the rabbits, there are other things to look around in this island there are beaches, golf ground, Poison Gas Museum.