O-Bento- The lunch box

Bento box is a meals box generally packed from the home and it is most common in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and other Asian culture. It is the lunch box generally prepared by the homemakers for there kids, husbands and other family members.

Bento has been using in japan since from 13th century. The main food in a bento is rice which comes with other food like meat, vegetables, seafood and also pickle.  The bento comes in a container which is handmade and disposable containers. Bento is available throughout the japan from a convenience store to the railway station. The bento which is found in railway station(eki) are called as eki-bento. You can find many varieties of eki-bento depending on which region the bento is selling. It contains the regional speciality foods that’s why eki-bento is so popular in Japan. There are other kinds of bento as well which serves different role such as “Hayaben” means “early bento” which is eaten before lunch. The other one is “hokaben” is a bento which is bought at any takeout bento shops, it may be any kind bento. like this, you can find many bento names in japan according to there purposes. However, the Japanese homemaker always loves to make bento to their husband or wife, kids and other family members. 

 There are different kinds of arrangements of food in bento box one of them is “kyaraben” which is also known as “character bento”. in this the food is arranged in such a manner which represents different characters from popular anime character, animals and plants, which looks so attractive and draws everyone’s eye on it. There is another type which also serves the same purpose called “oekakiben” also known as “picture bento”.

In Asian countries the boxed lunches have different names such as in the Philippines it is called as “baon”, Korean calls it as “dosirak”, mandarine and Taiwanese it is called as “piān-tong” whereas in India it is called as “tiffin”. Though the name differs the purpose is the same that is to carry food in the compact.