Have you ever tried to stop a baby cry…naa its very difficult right..! but in Japan, there is one festival in which people makes the baby cry.

It is a traditional festival of japan held every year in the month of April. The festival takes place throughout the japan but festival in Sensoji temple, Tokyo is more popular. In this festival, two sumo wrestler will pair up with little babies and facing towards each other and then they will try in all possible ways to make cry the little guys. More than 100 babies participate in this competition.  The rule of the game is the louder the noise of cry the baby will be decided as the winner of the match.

 Though this festival feels you like cruelty on poor little babies there is a common belief among the Japanese people. It is said that this festival had been practising since from hundred years back. Parents and other spectators use a different technique for example. Naki …naki.. naki… which means cry cry…to cheers the babies to cry until one of them starts weeping. Even the referee tries to scare the babies until the cry.  

It is believed that when the baby starts crying the demons and will stay away from them helping them to lead a happier life. Though they know this is a superstitious belief won’t work still they follow this festival for fun. In order to make their babies participate in the competition parents pay around ¥15,000 to Sensoji temple which includes a small gift to a baby.


For better understanding, of the culture and function, I have attached the video below please do consider the video so that you can understand it properly.