Kuro Tamago- The life extending egg

In this article, we will discuss the Kuro Tamago also known as life-extending eggs and how does a normal chicken egg turn into black.

Have you ever wondered whether the black egg exists or not..! I too have the same thought but after seeing my whole perspective changed yes I am talking about the eggs which are found in Owakudani (a natural hot spring)which is a volcanic zone in japan where the Kuro Tamago (black egg) are found. You can go Owakudani from Hakone station via train or cable car. The literal meaning of Owakudani is “a great boiling valley” it is also known as Jigokudani by the local peoples which means “hell valley”, this valley was created around 3000 years ago after the eruption of Mount Hakone it has many Sulfur gas vents which makes the whole valley with a pungent smell.

The natural waters pools found here are very rich in sulfur, dozens of regular chicken eggs are boiled in it, due to the presence of sulfur and other minerals in the water the shell of the egg literally convert into black as charcoal-like thing although inside part of the egg remains the same. The eggs are boiled for an hour nearly 175 degrees Fahrenheit. There are some myths which say eating one of these Kuro Tamago (black egg) will increase your life span by 7years. You can buy the eggs in a pack of five for the price of 500 yens.

You can also visit Owakudani for trekking and for other activities travelling through ropeway really catches your eyes with an astonishing view at least you can visit for one time in life it's worth. You can also view the Mt. Fuji on a clear day due to volcanic gases sometimes the place remains close, make sure of everything before you visit.

There is some caution to the visitors, it is recommended those are suffering from asthma, bronchitis and heart disease should not visit the place because there are many gases coming out which can turn then situation even worse. Pregnant women’s are also not recommended to go