Japanese Food presentation

As quality is the first preference in Japanese cuisine the food presentation is also the most important part, which reflects unique style of the delicacy.

The importance of food presentation is as important as cooking different dishes. Food presentation defines it by its appearance. It makes an impression to look delicious and attractive which is a very important aspect to any person so that by looking at the dish itself makes them fill and also it is kind of science when something you experience through your maximum receptors it permanently stores in your brain, you can assume this as another example to show the importance of food presentation.

Unlike other countries, Japan has its own unique way of food presentation. They utilize every minute aspect very simple and attractively. There are certain things in which they focus more to make food attractive and unique such as,

Proper use of colour combination:

Japanese utilize the colour combination as much as possible there are five main colours mostly used In Japanese cooking, they are red, green, yellow and black you can find this colour combination mostly in all dishes found in japan. It is not just for eye-pleasing or makes food attractive it also means that there is a proper resource of vitamin and minerals contained in it.

Utensils to serve:

This is another major part of Japanese style presentation, Japanese food is served in a wide variety of colour, shape and sized dishes. They select the utensils based on the dish to be served. The utensils have unique and eye-catching patterns and designs on it which really defines the actual Japanese tradition.

Unutilized space:

For us, it is quite common to fill our food plate till the edge but hardly you can find such things in japan. To draw the attention of the viewer on a dish they leave empty spaces nearly 30% of the plate will be empty this technique is called “ma” and also used in Japanese interior design and artwork. So by this, you can understand how technically they think it doesn’t matter whether it is a big or small job they just leave their signature in the work they do.


Though garnishing of a dish comes last it plays a key role to make food look and texture better. Depending on the type of food which is served the garnish also differs. Garnishing enhances and balances the contrast of food. Sometimes seasonal garnishing is also done like real use of cherry blossoms which gives a sense of peace.