Is Japanese food healthy...?

Japan holds the longest human lifespan rate throughout the world by this we can assume that what will be there heating and daily habits to live their life. In this article, I tried to enlighten some of the basic food intake habits which really helps to stay healthy for a long time.

Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Japanese people consume more boiled vegetables, fermented food's and since Japan is surrounded by waters they eat a lot of seafood than red meat. The Japanese diet is very well balanced that's why you can rarely find any obesity persons in japan, they consume very less sugar compared to other countries and the food has less in calories but it contains plenty of nutrition which are really essential for a body. According to the British medical journal, Japanese has very less risk of a heart attack because of there food habits. the presence of minerals like zinc, selenium, iodine, magnesium and calcium helps in preventing thyroid, improves bone health and fulfils all requirement of B12, K and omega-3 fatty acids. By the following graph, we can understand how the life expectancy of Japanese increased throughout the years.

so what do you think what kind of foods or dishes does Japanese take usually which makes this big difference, the first thing which strikes my mind is tea, yes the green tea which is very high in antioxidants which regulates blood pressure, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, improves the immune system and some studies have even shown that it also helps in preventing from cancer and also slow the ageing process. So it's a whole pack of everything, what else you can expect more than this from a cup of tea, it is just one of the example there is a lot more this kind of foods and drinks.

Another one is the most favourite part of the food "desserts", who don't like desserts we only know our version of a dessert which can cause many diseases on high intake but the Japanese have found and converted them to healthy by using natural fruits and toffee puddings in ice creams, cakes which makes them healthy desserts. not only that they consume varieties of green vegetables such as cabbage, bean sprouts, broccoli, seaweed, cauliflower which are rich in Vitamins C and fibres which lead to easy digestion and contain anti-cancer properties, but they also cook them in such a manner that maximum content of nutrients can be utilised. most of the people when thinking of Japanese cuisine, just imagine sushi and sashimi as they are popular in the world but there are a lot more things to explore with respect to there health benefit properties.

The southern part of Japan has more number of people who crossed the age of 100 and also has age-related diseases like diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's are less in this part. which is another best example to show how healthy food they consume.