Ganguro- Fashion Trend

Ganguro is a kind of fashion trend which was very popular around the year 2000, Shibuya and Ikebukuro were the main centres for these fashion trends. It was popular among young girls and women. In which they changed their hair colours, skin tone and other makeup.

Ganguro was a new fashion trend in Japan in the early 1990s which was most popular amongst young women. Ganguro is a fashion in which the people combined the combination of deep tan skin with blonde or silver-grey hair known as “high bleached”. Ganguro outfit is basically very bright coloured, platform shoes with miniskirts, different stickers on the face with bracelets, ring and necklaces on their body. They also use black ink as eye-liner and white concealer as lipstick with eye shadow. False eyelashes, plastic facial gems, pearl powder are commonly used for cosmetic makeup.  

The Ganguro falls in the Gyaru category which refers to the group of young women who showcase themselves as overly childish women. There is some research about the Ganguro which says that opting a Ganguro fashion is a form of revenge against traditional Japanese society. This is to show themselves as freedom, and self-independent than other groups of people

There are mainly two types of Ganguro and the people generally get confused in between them they are Oneegyaru and Serebu (celeb), Oneegyaru the people associates with expensive brands and in Serebu mainly focuses on expensive western fashions. The Ganguro has a direct influence by fashion magazines like Egg and Ageha in which they have photos related to fashion trends, hairstyle, Cell phone. There are other popular Ganguro magazines such as Popteen and Ego system. The Ganguro is also related to para para. Para Para is one kind of Japanese dance style which started in the 1980s when western influence started in Japan. However, all ganguro is not Para Para dancers and all Para Para dancers are not Ganguro.

There was a one of the famous Ganguro girl known as Buritei, named after the black soya sauce which is generally used for flavouring the yellowtail fish in teriyaki cooking. The fashion magazine egg made her a star by featuring her photos on the magazine. But after promoting session of Shibuya based salon “Blacky”, many social pressures convinced her to quite the Ganguro lifestyle.

Yamanba and Manba are the two different fashion styles originated from Ganguro, you can say that they are the extremities of Ganguro style. In which they have different applications of makeups which distinguish between two different styles.