Fields of art

you may have seen many rice fields, but the fields at Inakadate village in Aomori prefecture is a bit special and unique. let's find out what makes it so special.

Rice paddy art is a Japanese unique art uses seven kinds of different coloured paddy plants to create images on the paddy field. Every year there will a conference to decide which image or design to create for the next year. Then the village officials create computer design then the next process is hand over to the art teacher for detailing and other aspects. After that, the whole team goes to the field and start plotting where they will decide the colour combination of rice plant which one to use where. After deciding everything the planting work starts every year thousands of people participate in rice planting in 2019 1300 people have participated, it takes 3 whole months from the beginning of the artwork to execute the design or drawing.

The first design was made is on the name of the local mountain called Mt. Iwaki and the village name was written on below it. Like everything, the local people faced very difficultly to execute the design into the field but until you start anything it will be very tough soon the people became expert in it. Every year the design of the rice field changes which attracts many tourists and the people from Tokyo and other parts of Japan. They try to show the olden traditional stories by the artwork in 2019 many of the famous tales have been executed such as Momotaro (the peach boy), Yamata no Orochi (the eight-forked serpent) and Susanoo (Shinto god of the sea and storm).

So how does this amazing art process started in the countryside of Japan, well in the year 1993 the residents of Inakadate of Aomori prefecture want to attract more peoples to their village so that they can develop both in financial and other aspects? Since their village has a history of growing rice since from 2000 years they wanted to take that culture into next level and started thinking in many ways finally they decided to make artwork using different varieties, colours of paddy plants. They started utilizing the land as a paddy canvas behind the town hall. In order to view the whole artwork, the established a tower of 22 meters. In the year of 2006 more than 2lakh people visited throughout the japan to see amazing artwork. Another observation tower has been built to encourage more people to visit. In order to take a view of the amazing art, there is an admission charge.