Brain controlled Shippo- The Tail

You may have seen many fashion wear and most of them would have experienced, but this Japanese fashion product is little unique than other products in the market and it becomes must try product lets find something more about it.

In Japan, catgirls are believed to be fashionable. They've taking role model from animes, endless computer game and manga characters likewise hairstyles and even pair of cat ears ("nekomimi" in Japanese) known as "Necomini" which will browse your brain waves Neko Mimi was the first product of the company called Neurowear.

This time “Neurowear”, has come up with the new idea and lots of new implements. This time, they have one thing, which is able to hopefully wag your tail literally. It's known as "Shippo", which means, "tail" in Japanese. This is a mechanical tail which will read your brain waves and wags in line with your mood.

Japanese. This is a mechanical tail which will read your brain waves and wags in line with your mood.

According to Neurowear, your mood is tracked or browsed by an application, that additionally tags your location and can share via Facebook or Twitter or other social media network. This allows you and your friends to go looking for places where the fellow Shippo wearers can be found, isn’t it interesting?

To use Shippo, wearers should additionally use the brain wave reader, at the side of a rate monitor which will be clipped to the user's ear lobe.

Around the century, a tail fashion rage hit Japan for a short moment, and foxtails were mostly liked by the peoples. Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki typically wore pretend foxtails, clipped on the aspect of her jeans, in music videos, concerts, and photoshoots. Madonna also did the same thing for a short while, and since I don’t have proper information about who started wearing the tail first it can’t be decided. However, both of them got popularity with that wear.

Even now, there are false fox tails sold in Japan as fashion accessories. However, I feel this is Japan's 1st mechanical cat's tail which can read your brain waves and wag.

This product was launched in the year 2012 September and firstly demonstrated at Tokyo game show.