The similarity between gods that Indian and Japanese worship

This article discusses the similarities of the deities in India and Japan.

One of the most venerated divinities of Japan is Saraswati. There are scores of holy places worked to her. There are two sorts of Saraswati, or Benzaiten, in Japan. One is the eight-furnished Saraswati and the other is the two-equipped one. In her two-furnished structure, she has an instrument in her grasp, which is called veena, or biwa in Japanese.

From various perspectives, the first idea of Saraswati and her relationship with the regular request and favourable luck is all around protected in Japan. She is frequently pictured as a sacrosanct waterway. In Japan, one finds the continuation of numerous early thoughts of the Indian way of thinking.

I did the examination for and took the greater part of the photos utilized in this component in spring 2015 with the help of a Japan Foundation Fellowship. I am profoundly appreciative for this important help which was given. I have additionally made a film for the Ministry of External Affairs regarding the matter "Hindu Deities Worshipped in Japan". My accomplice Sujata Chatterji is the associate chief of the film.

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