World's First HDR Virtual Reality Glasses

Panasonic Corporation developed the world's first (HDR) High Dynamic Range (UHD) ultra-high-definition VR glasses that designed with a snug fit that creates wearer to feel as if they were wearing a normal eyeglasses.


Panasonic VR eyeglasses released with most awaited (5G) fifth-generation mobile network system, variety of latest services in VR glasses are expected to be provided, as well as for virtually travel experiences, fascinating VR sports viewing and also with standard VR glasses with high sound quality and high-quality pictures offer users with extremely designed simulation experiences, these glasses may be larger in size and need users to strap them with the head along with a headband.



In this all-new VR glasses, Panasonic developed the high-performance display with a Corporation named Kopin who is a leading manufacturer of displays for VR glasses. And also, audio of the Panasonic and visual technologies are also included in this new VR device, connecting with the television and Blu-ray disc players is possible with this VR same as the LUMIX digital cameras is employed with.



These technologies are also enabled in Panasonic’s light-weight VR glasses with high-quality pictures and rocking sound quality that delivers realistic sensations letting the customer to the pictures that projected before their eyes, when just by wearing this eyeglass.

The Key features of this VR eyeglasses are:

(1) UHD high-quality pictures device

(2) High-quality impressive sound quality with a good variety of frequencies from ultra-high to low

(3) light-weight and compact body with comfort fit.