World's Fastest Supercomputer - Japan's Fugaku hits the 1st Place

Japan's latest supercomputer developed in Riken research institute is titled as the fastest computing speed in the world, by U.S.-European TOP500 project semi-annual ranking that announced on 22/06/2020.


Japan's new supercomputer: Fugaku

This is the first time for the Japan’ supercomputer to secure first place after nine years and named Fugaku after Mt. Fuji, which is a Japan's newest supercomputer also specified in the top list in three categories that are artificial intelligence, performance of industrial computational methods, and big data analytics applications.



In Kyodo News, This is the first time to Riken’s supercomputer to get topped in the global rankings in all four categories. It is together developed with Fujitsu Ltd, Dobe. This supercomputer has the potential to run powerful simulations not only in scientific research, but also industrial technologies and military.



On the other side, the U.S.-made supercomputer is at 3rd rank, and China made computers secured both the 4th and 5th places. Japan’s Fugaku was the only supercomputer that is Japanese made in the top 10 list, and a supercomputer ranked 12th that is made from the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Chiba Prefecture with its AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure.



Currently, Fugaku is the only supercomputer in the world that operates on the novel coronavirus’s research to find possible medicines on a trial basis. This Supercomputer is about to reach fully-operational parameters at the beginning of the FY2021.