World Thinnest Paper

A Japanese firm developed a World's thinnest paper that is thinner than a human skin.


The famous Hidaka Washi Company located in Japan illustrious for World’s the world's thinnest paper.

In Japan, a company is manufacturing paper that is thinner than ever. Hidaka Washi Ltd. makes paper as thin as the skin of human, victimisation ways that originate 1000 years. The paper is presented to libraries and museums all over the world which includes museum in British and also the Library of Congress and is employed to revive and defend works and books of art.



The company states that their work is concentrated on the theme of Washi not only making paper, that is mirrored in the name of the firm. Hidaka Washi started as the TENGU Export Paper Union in the year 1949 with ten paper-making craftsmen living in a village named Kusaka. During the starting of the firm, tengu which is made by hand was well-liked for export as typing paper.



Hidaka Washi has maintained the normal overhand trade techniques utilized by those early craftsmen however conjointly improved and refined them with the most recent technologies. "Since the time of overhand Japanese Paper, we've got targeting creating washi by applying ancient skills and ways to fulfil the stress of the days," claims the firm.