Vertical Gardening Technique

Increasing global urbanization needs an innovation that should occupy equally rural and urban areas with increasing pace of building constructions.




Increasing global urbanization needs an innovation that should occupy equally rural and urban areas with increasing pace of building constructions. This resulted in decreased landscape for agriculture and to develop green areas where the living organism should live the rest of their life. A decrease in green areas would also affect the ecosystem of the Earth. Green areas includes both agricultural field and also the parks, gardens, etc., the quality of air started to decrease that causes severe diseases to all living beings was due to destruction of green areas. Each problem rises with an alternative solution and the same way the process of vertical garden came into existence.


But this kind of development not only gained an advantage in rural but also urban areas. This can be done in both kinds of indoor and outdoor sites. But, site selection was taken as an important aspect of this developed technology along with application and design principles.



Implantation of these would cause heat isolation, energy productivity, air quality improvement, location acquisition, heat island reduction, creating agricultural areas, etc., also it has another side of risks like constant maintenance difficulty, high cost and irrigation system problems.

The plant species can be cultivated either in interior or in exterior walls covered also it has two different ways,


·         Prefabricated modular panel

·         In situ applied panel


Vertical garden systems can be defines under four different categories

·         Modular system

·         Foam based system

·         Mineral wool-based system

·         Felt layer-based system

Benefits of vertical garden

Providing biodiversity and habitat

An important component of the ecosystem is biodiversity. Increased form of urbanization and reduction of green spaces which made biodiversity preservation more difficult. Fauna and flora habitat increases in urban places through vertical garden. Habitat conditions differ accordingly to the variety of the plant used and to the site selected. So being specific to the plant variety is also important.


Sound isolation and barring bad images

An increase in population also drastically increased the migration of people from rural to urban places. Urban places differ from rural and the habitat differs. The habitat that mostly affected in urban was noise and air pollution. So, these affected people with health issues rather than giving a good development for the ecosystem. The implantation of vertical gardens would result in decreasing the noise pollution that was emitted through vehicle and transportation as they can be a barrier for noise. The growing media and plant species in vertical garden systems will contribute to sound levels reduction that transmit through or reflect from the vertical garden system. These can also be an image barrier; green images can take the place of undesirable images like dump.



Increasing amount of green space in the cities


With an increased amount of building construction that vanishes the green areas would result in ecosystem damage and collapse with living beings.



So vertical gardening will provide some good amount of space for green areas in developed areas where they cannot think for specified space for green areas. Cities and people over there will visualize both the development and also with good green areas.


Rainwater to the ecological cycle


Drip irrigation was used in a vertical garden system that will provide transport of nutrient materials and water to the plants. This makes the water to reach the root zone properly. So flooding can be stopped. The rainwater was filtered with the plants and brings it into the ecological cycle.




Most of the risk factors rise from the factors like cost of the system to implant, time taken, and the maintenance of those systems properly without getting it into trouble.




Urban development increases building construction that also decreases green areas that will reduce good healthy urban places. So that causes different environmental problems. Vertical garden is also a key factor in sustainable development. The sites selected should be preferable with a good advantage of this technique.