This Cool Vending Machine will suggest you the drinks

A humble vending machine to a responsive attendant.




A Greek engineer and mathematician named Hero was born in Alexandria invented a vending machine during 1600s. It give customers a certain amount of holy water after receiving coins.

When a customer puts in a coin, the coin will fall on a plate connected to the lever. The tilt of the plate causes the lever to open the valve and holy water will flow out. The plate continues to tilt until the coin slides from it. At this time, the balance will pull the lever back to the original position, and the holy water stops flowing out.

The oldest surviving vending machine


The oldest surviving vending machine in Japan is the “automatic stamp and posrcard vending machine” invented in 1904 by hayataka.


A Country with millions of Vending machine.


Japan..!  There are more than 5.5 million machines throughout the nation. It is the highest ratio for any country with one machine for every 25 people, 7 Trillion sales yearly and also 1,400,000 Yen (¥) per machine annually (About $15,000).


Why Japan loves its Vending machines?


Japan is a country with an aging population and declining birthrates, has a well-known affinity to automation. The disciplined lifestyle of the tech-savvy nation is heavily dependent on this reliable automation.

Instead of  a brick-and-mortar shop, and a continual need of shopkeeper, these compact dispenser units occupy a minimal area of the smallest kiosk or stall.

Japan is an isolated country with much disciplined public systems and world’s most powerful and solid economies. And considered as one of the most populated country in the world



It is very common to carry an amount of 40000 yen when commuting in Japan. For all daily expenditures cash is widely used but not debit or credit cards. 1 to 500 yen are the coin widely used in Japan.  The yen is actually have small value which is about 108 yen per US dollar. Cash is almost used everywhere in Japan, and e-commerce is struggling to compete it. “55% in the UK, 60% in China and 98% in South Korea is free of currency notes and became coins-free nation. But on other side Japan is just 18% that equivalent ratio.

Japan has very low interest rates, so accumulating your earnings in a bank is not as motivating as it is in other parts of the world. Steep economic growth, coupled with a lack of immigration and a small youth population, has led to labor costs skyrocketing. But with a vending machine, you do not need a sales clerk or a caretaker, just a weekly visiting operator to replenish the supply, and empty out the deposited cash.

Moreover, most of Japan’s labor force is well educated, qualified and skilled, and there’s an acute scarcity of workers for manual tasks. It is not scarcity, to be honest, as Japan’s system doesn’t need an unskilled workforce because of how it has streamlined and fine-tuned automation and diversified human supervision.

Anyone can apply to install a vending machine by applying through online guide “After the application is approved by the management company, you’ll pay an installation fee. If the spot you chose for your vending machine is good, however, it’s a profitable business and quite a few people have done this as a kind of side job.”

Japan’s low crime rate, self-vigilant, disciplined and aware citizens, and competent patrols, along with cameras and police-warning relay(PWR) systems being installed in many vending machines, is also a factor in their success. Tampering, vandalism and obstruct in the machines can potentially send a tip to the police, who can then apprehend the perpetrator. Given the police density in Japan, the criminals would seldom, if ever, be able to finish the job before he was nabbed.

However, the dedicated and industrious workforce of Japan has viewed the convenience of vending machines favourably. With most of the vending machines having diligent ergonomics of a trashcan being conveniently located next to the machine itself, to prices of commodities rarely rising. Thus, vending machines are integral to Japan’s modern cultural character and reflective of its cooperative society.


The Innovation machine


A humble vending machine to a responsive attendant.

“ACURE” a smart vending machine invented by JR East Water Business Company.


To select a product, these smart vending machine with 47inch LCD touch panel that provides details about brings up additional information about it, and after buying a product it displays a message "Thank You" like human. It is utterly engaging and very human.



A camera is installed in the machine that automatically identifies the buyer’s approximate age and gender taking considering the temperature and time of day and suggesting a suitable beverage for the user. Acure also accounts the season, temperature and also the time of the day, when recommending a drink. So it might serve up an icy soft drink on a hot sunny day or a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.

The machine also includes interesting features like auto-filling place of sold out beverages when a slot becomes empty. And also saving up data of the users. So that, it can later be used to in sales and also developing a product. For an example, “Aomori-Ringo 100” a new apple juice (‘ringo’ means ‘apple’ in Japanese) is introduced through the saved data on Acure. The Acura suggested that this fruit juice to be preferred by women. So, to appeal the products for both genders, the company is carefully choosing the packages.

Acure pass


Acure pass is a new app developed acure vending machine team that allows the people to buy the drink in the app and collect drinks from innovation vending machines.

Pay online and dispense


In “My Drink” option in Acura pass app, the collection of paid drink can be done just by scanning the QR Code in the Vending machines’ scanner.

Sharing with Friends


The Acura pass app also serves bulky and single purchases and gifting the drinks to our friends is a highlight. They can dispense the beverage at Acure vending machines locations.

Earn Points and Redeem 


If you purchase in acure vending machines continuously, you can gain the points. Then the points can be used to redeem free drinks. And can also be shared to your friends.

All Mode of Payments


Acure vending machine have various modes of payments can be done to have drink. pay with other electronic payment systems along with cash payments or by holding the smartphones over the machine to buy the products


More than just an Innovation..!


The biggest fans of the machines are 20s and 30s aged men, for an example, can of black coffee is typically served during the time of mornings, usually suggesting energy drink depending on the time of the day. RedBull sells more in the late afternoon to night time.

Using this technology the company is searching for other uses too. In a recently opened mall this Acure machine is placed for general goods. At the time of disaster, they can be designed to give away all stored beverages and these vending machines that can controlled remotely can serve as life saver


Worth saying “The Next Generation Vending Machine”