The World's Fastest Art Experience

An amazing way to experience art while on wheels. it’s envisioned as a travelling gallery of contemporary art and named as Genbi Shinkansen



An amazing artwork designed by extremely skilled artists especially for the GENBI SHINKANSEN is on exhibit in each car. Additionally, the train features a café that serves Tsubame Coffee, a popular beverage from Tsubame-Sanjo, and desserts made from carefully selected local ingredients under the supervision of Chef Romi Igarashi from romi-unie.

Other attractive onboard features include a playroom where kids can interact with modern art first hand, and train windows offering beautiful panoramas along the route.

The GENBI SHIKANSEN delivers new charms on journey to Niigata. Designed by the artist Mika ninagawa

Car no. 11  (Artist: Nao Matsumoto)

The artwork on display was conceived by incorporating the unique space, light and speed of the Shinkansen, and built around the themes of bountiful harvests, festivals and light. Take a seat and experience an amazing moment of change in which you discover the immensity of the light that surrounds us in the world.

Car no. 12 (Artist: Yusuke Komuta)

Reflective stainless steel mirrors the interior of the car with modern Niigata spread out in the background. Green mountains, the great blue sky, golden tassels of rice swaying in the wind and a snowy wonderland—beautiful scenery is reflected throughout the year. Tunnels along the route are like pauses in a magnificent symphonic performance. Enjoy the reflective creations that play out like a picture scroll.

Kids Space – car no. 13 (Artists: Paramodel art unit)

With the popular toy train track system Plarail as a motif, the walls and floor of the car interior unfold in a map-like pattern decorated with mountain-like objects. The space itself is an act of playing.

Café – car no. 13 (Artist: Kentaro Kobuke)
Created around the concept of the GENBI SHINKANSEN route, the onboard café recreates the atmosphere of Joetsu, particularly Mikuni Kaido, a traditional thoroughfare in use for centuries. The works of art in the café expand the imagination with the beauty of the seasons depicted in the local landscapes. This space makes your travel time more enjoyable.

Café Menu

Desserts made by Tokamachi Sukoyaka Factory under the supervision of dessert researcher Chef Romi Igarashi, and Tsubame Coffee, a carefully selected brand, are slated for the menu.
Desserts: Vanilla cake made with rice flour from Uonuma, Sado Butter Financiers, other
Beverages: coffee, caffè lattes, beer, other

Car no. 14 (Artist: Naoki Ishikawa)
Photographs taken on a journey up K2 in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan are on display. Get swept away from the interior of the streamlined Shinkansen on a journey of rock and ice to the pinnacle of K2!

Car no. 15 (Artist: Haruka Kojin)
The Shinkansen shoots through the mountains, revealing a momentary glimpse of a previously unknown townscape. It is hoped that these art pieces lead to encounters with new scenery for everyone who shares this moment in time.

Car no. 16 (Artist: Aki inomata)

With the beautiful village mountains of Niigata as a backdrop, art pieces ("Niigata Village Mountains") started to exhibit from July 28, 2018. And also to see the GENBI SHIKANSEN's artworks.

Car number 11 is reserved seating only. Car numbers 12 to 16 are non-reserved seating.



·         Free to move between the cars are allowed

·         The fare and limited express charge for reserved and non-reserved seating are the same as for the Joetsu Shinkansen (there are no additional charges).