The Futuristic Lexux LF-30 Concept Electrified

A car designed with a complete mindset of futuristic thinking and fully loaded with innovation and technology.


Lexus unveiled an exciting concept with 4 in-wheel electric motors named LF-30 in the 46th edition of the event of 2019 Tokyo Motor show, in the view of expressing ambition of the company’s electric future. It was one of the head-turning four-seater electric vehicle with massive glass roof from front to rear and gullwing doors are more attractive in the exhibit.



LF-30 designed as a big car with a length of 5090 mm, wide 1995 mm, and height 1600 mm, and with a 3200 mm wheelbase. It weighs around 5291 lb (2400 kgs), but this weight is considerably justifying with one motor for each wheel that is totally of four electric motors. This electric vehicle monster can be driven in both front and rear wheel drives separately or can be driven by all-wheel drive depending upon the driver’s selection and terrain condition.



Power of LF-30 is about 400 kW (536 hp) output and delivers torque 516 lb-ft (700 N.m), the Lexus LF-30 accelerates up to 100 Kmph speed in just 3.8 secs with the latest technology and can hit the top speed up to 200 Kmph (124 mph). The four electric motors give power output with the help of a 110 kilo-Watt-hour battery which is mounted on the floor of the car to have greater the center of gravity and stable handling.



The company planned to launch and release the car for the year 2030, Lexus specifies that the LF-30 concept can range up to 500 km (311 miles) on a single full charge. The company also concentrated on difficulties of handling charging bulky cables and added an innovation that the LF-30 can be charged wirelessly at 150 kW output.



Interesting features include adjusting the opacity of side windows and steer-by-wire system, with no B-pillars makes easier to get in and out of the car especially for the rear seat passengers. The front passenger seat and dashboard are designed and inspired to mimic the first-class ambiance on airliners along with futuristic interior. The large display integrated with the dashboard helps to perform a wide variety of functions with ease.



The glass roof is which is above the rear passenger seats is designed with a futuristic thinking and serves double as it can act as a display window to show Sky and with the technology called Augmented-Reality (AR) to display various types of information includes videos, star-filled sky and also navigation just with the gesture controls to select the settings. Above all LF-30 is implemented with a technology named “Lexus Airporter” which is a drone technology which helps passenger by carrying luggage from house to the cargo area of the vehicle.