Sony FES Watch U - A Classic E-Paper Watch

The Sony FES Watch U is a watch with a changeable face style and strap with just pressing a button.


The strap and face is built with a layer of e-paper that appear just like the Amazon Kindle e-reader’s screen. The earlier version of FES watch was a crowd-funded project in 2015. This newer model could vary from the older one. It is made stainless-steel edge, and front face with ultra-tough glass. Mineral glass is used in the silver version, and an expensive black Watch U is provided even more durable sapphire glass.



The Battery capacity will last around 3 weeks, and is completely rechargeable, and the watch is IPX5 and IPX7 waterproof. This literally means that it can be submerged at up to 1m depth and also in showers but not suggestible for Swimming.



The watch is compatible with Androids and Apple ios through Bluetooth, and using FES Closet app helps choose the design to be displayed onto the strap and face. And Sony specifies that More than hundred designs are readily available in the app and will be added every month.



The watch is monochrome because the e-paper is actually a monochrome. And it’s much more appropriate and suitable than an OLED or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), as a result of e-paper can be handles with continual flexing, and remarkably durable.



The FES Watch U is basically not a smartwatch. It also do not have a measuring system like a heart rate sensor or pedometer. However, it’s a bit for other tech watches. The only major problem of this watch is the price. The cost of mineral glass in silver version will be around $600 and the sapphire glass will cost around $800 and the normal model will cost around $499.