Shocking Fabric to Destroy the Bacteria

A Japanese firm developed a fabric that can kill bacteria and virus by giving them a shock.


It's a stunning idea: a cloth which will turn out tiny amounts of electricity by the movement of the body, makes the cloth to kill the bacterias and microbes from outside.



An innovative try by a Japanese companies say that is specifically what their new product planned to do, and also to get rid of our everyday problem body odour to giving the most suitable material for face masks like protecting gear for our body.



The fabric together developed by the companies named Teijin Frontier, dubbed PIECLEX and Murata manufacturing, produces the tiny amount of electric power from the enlargement and contraction of the fabric itself, and also generates when scratches with someone else in public.



The low voltages are not robust enough to felt by the user, however, they are powerful enough to stop viruses and bacterias and from multiplies within the material.



Murata explains that the fabric effectively kills about 99.9% of viruses and bacterias and have the option to reduce the effect or to deactivate the voltage.



The companies say the material has already have great response from merchandise like masks, sanitary diapers, sportswear and filter using industrial products. The fabric is currently hoping to check whether or not the material will combat the new coronavirus. But testing is the only way to prove in a challenge, with very strict limits on the universities who are permitted to handle the disease.