Robo Boot - A Boot which make human to run like Ostrich

A specially designed boots to run faster which is almost close to the speed of a cycle.


Human walks approximately 5km/hr, whereas bicycles would do it at 20km/hr. In the meantime, there are no running shoes that let runners to cope up with cyclists. Cycles are kind of invented that doubled the advantage of human short travel alongside being a good exercise. What the reaction would be if a person could travel 18 metres per sec and 40 miles per hour with the theory of robotic exoskeletons. Many good brand shoes are known for their capacity to make people use lesser energy.



One among those is Nike’s Vaporfly allows runners to use 4% less energy than a comparable standard running shoes. Bicycles being reigning champions, different attempts were done to make humans run faster. Robotic exoskeletons that augment human power have undergone a lot of research work. Use of actuators and external energy motors and batteries were taken place. But they didn’t come out with good result in making humans run faster. Springs are used to give high-tech prostheses for Paralympic running; comparatively, they had an unfair advantage with legs.




Bicycle was the first running machine invented that could lower the energy level that is being used during running and also imposing body’s weight on a seat and inevitable energy was lost when runners step using wheels. Later, the pedalling mechanism let the humans to cycle faster than hitting the ground during the time one runs. Legs propelled the rider continuously.




in cycling was imposed to running through Robo-boot. This emulates the function of bicycle pedals. Using the robot-boot, energy was supplied by runners through compressing a spring with each leg while it’s in the air. The stored form of energy will pull faster in forward direction than the legs could otherwise do. With an ideal robot-boot, fastest runner on Earth could use his legs 96% of the step time faster than 20 meters per second. The high-tech component that has to be known is variable stiffness spring that can increase its stiffness without changing its kind of stored form of energy. Spring’s stiffness explains well about the force expelled that push the body against the ground to accelerate the runner’s body.




Retractable pens have a spring that could produce constant stiffness that depends on its material, shape and size.  Variable stiffness springs a type of spring that could change size and shape. By getting shorter one of the variable stiffness springs increases stiffness. The mechanism in Robo-boot shortens the spring as the spring’s attachment point from its end to its middle was shortened.