PlayStation 5 (PS5) - The Next Generation Gaming Console

Sony Media Entertainment launches next-gen video gaming console with advanced technologies and attractive design.


The PlayStation 5 or (PS5) is the next-gen PlayStation console, and its date for releasing is in late 2020. It had been launched in Sony's event called the Future of Gaming, the design of PS5 was finally revealed and displayed to the world, with games that are compatible for PS5 that includes a remake of Demon's Souls and Horizon Forbidden West.



The design of PS5 was an enormous surprise to all, and a bigger surprise was the PS5 Digital Edition reveal which is a digital-only console with an efficiently streamlined symmetric design, without a disc drive. Although Sony did not specify about the price and release date of the PS5, we all know virtually everything else regarding the PS5 even earlier than the launch later this year.

Sony displayed the PS5 controller with DualSense, which has a ton of impressive sound options like haptic feedback, an inherent mic and an adaptation triggers.



Like PS5 DualSense Controller area unit the PS5 specs, mentioned well at Sony’s gaming event. Lead system game architect named Mark Cerny explains with a deep explanation of the design of the PS5, and also revealed the inner technical workings. The additional details of the PS5 are its rocking, GDDR6 memory 16GB, AMD Zen 2-based CPU with eight cores at 3.5GHz and a custom RDNA 2 AMD GPU that provides out the processing power of 10.28 TFLOPs.



The features of the PS5 are the super-fast SSD, ray-tracing, a built-in 4K Blu-ray player and can be compatible backwards with a large swathe of the game catalogue of the PS4. It may also be equipped with voice assistant capabilities to inform you the way long to give desires beat levels. So, the PS5 lives up and built with advanced technologies, and changing the gaming to the next level.