Lexus LF-SA - An Ultra Compact Concept

European style studio to form an idea of developing in urban 2+2, ultra-compact. They made a car with keeping the driver in mind that can make an unforgettable weekend journey and everyday city drive - SA means Small Adventurer.


The concept LF-SA defines a future that Lexus users can still be ready to get pleasure of obtaining luxury behind a wheel and driving themselves, also enjoying the connectivity onboard, and safety.


Bold and Compact Styling

Even though it is rugged, carved and assured styling, the Lexus designers created the LF-SA really compact to present it mobility and agility which is essential for any true urban rider.



Forward Thinking Style

The distinction between convex and concave bodywork surfaces is stressed by powerful undercutting above wheel arches that give a new proportion to the look and offers it a powerful sense of dynamism and procession.



Adventures in Color

The spirit of journey is additionally mirrored within the concept's colour scheme. The new silver (Stellar) for exterior provides a theme of space, the interior is inspired and designed with solar eclipse theme.



Inside the LF-SA

Not only its compact dimensions, but also the LF-SA boasts an astonishingly spacious interior. There is a real feeling of sunshine and air, accentuated by its sweeping dashboard, and therefore the distinctive movement of the wheel and foot pedals.



Driver-Focused Style

With sole occupancy typical in town vehicles most of the time, the 2+2 cabin layout offers first importance to the driver. The driver's seat is fastened, and therefore the wheel and pedals area unit adjustable, transfer the vehicle to the driving force.



Space to Explore

The front passenger seat is slideable offers space to the rear seats. The interior has space, volume, and materials to form 2 overlapping elliptical, clear areas inside the cabin.



Seamless and Intuitive

The instrumental system in the LF-SA includes a display with hologram style that blends perfectly with crystalline clear panel, touchpad and wide-angle HUD is provided in the centre console.