Japanese Students Organized Virtual Minecraft Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation ceremony for the school students has been held virtually by minecraft


With social distancing measures being implemented into place, it implies that additional individuals are being sent home to study or work. It also implies that giant gatherings are off or delayed, like school graduation ceremonies. Graduations are a large part of every student’s life that is why in Japan, students have come up with a remarkable approach to tackle this issue.



Graduates from a school, determined not to leave in this milestone in their lives, have opted to assemble so as to graduate. But, this gathering was conductor virtually to the students met up in Minecraft wherever their graduation ceremony was held.

The students commemorated collaborating in their graduation ceremony that we have a tendency to imagine is perhaps the primary of its kind.



Switching to do gatherings online is beginning to become even more fashionable lately as they act as an alternate to gatherings that are held physically. Even tech giants like Google and Apple have declared that their physical annual events won’t be held physically, they will be deciding to held online events.