Japan approves Safer and Easier Saliva COVID19 PCR Testing

The new testing methodology targets those among 9 days of displaying symptoms and is roofed by public insurance in Japan.


Japan recently approved new (COVID19) coronavirus PCR test method that can be tested with saliva, this is easier and safer compared with the present testing methodology, which is done by collecting mucous secretion from the rear part of the nose.



The new testing methodology targets those among 9 days of displaying symptoms and is roofed by public insurance. It’s expected to cause less of associate degree infection risk to medical employees, as examinees have to give their sample saliva individually in a separate instrument at medical facilities.



The medical staffs collect the sample from the instrument and test safely, in an existing method they need to wear safety goggles and gowns to get rid of the infection. This saliva test helps in expanding the scale of the PCR test as well as save money in buying excessive safety glasses and gowns.



The existing methodology uses a cotton swab to gather mucous secretion from the nose that encompasses a high chance of inflicting the patients to sneeze or cough within the method. Because it leaves medical employees assembling the sample liable to potential infection, they have to wear eyeglasses and a medical robe.



Japan’s Health minister Katsunobu Kato specified in a conference that this testing method has become a new effective way of increasing the dimensions of PCR testing, as Japan has been widely criticized all over the world for not conducting enough virus tests compared with different countries. The stress on every patients and collecting sample are more difficult for health care workers which require to shield to protect the employees from getting infected are going to be mitigated considerably.



This check is going to be on the market at patient departments at selected hospitals and PCR testing centers. It’ll even be used for patients with coronavirus symptoms and employees at medical establishments to avoid in-hospital infection.



Shimadzu is a famous company, selling test kits from April, and increased their production capacity to 300000 kits per month in the month of May and aiming to increase 100000 additionally by boosting their production from June.