Furniture made of 2000 pounds used Papers and Cardboard

An artist designs the furniture with the sustainable materials like paper and cardboard and awarded as an innovative furniture.


An artist named Vadim Kibardin designing and sculpting a sustainable and an innovatively designed furniture from paper and cardboard. Everything is made by hand and he has spent 5,110 hours for making it!



Every piece of art in furniture that Kibardin makes was different and innovative, there was no mould to get a shape but he himself shapes all furniture. Everyone is currently moving ahead of a sustainable waste-free lifestyle however Kibardin doing this for around twenty-five (25) years. He has successfully recycled over 2000 lb (907 Kg) of cardboard that is almost equal to seventeen (17) trees.



To say more technically, seventeen trees absorb 250 lb (113 Kg) of CO2 annually and intended to help the environment and to change the climate crisis purposefully by recycling these of cardboards and papers without thinking of providing fresh raw materials. With full the use of making furniture with sustainable materials for construction like cardboards and papers to make a stylish furniture and having a modern as well as long-lasting interior design will develop the conscious in environment and ecology.



Usually, other sources of sustainable furniture like cork and bamboo, and therefore the earthy tones might not work everyone’s style however this paper-made furniture will definitely provide an appropriate alternative.



Earning praise from notable Japanese creator and also a Japanese industrial designer named Naoto Fukasawa says that Vadim Kibardin”s innovation clearly shows that you can just use a “lighter” material like paper or cardboard to make a sturdy table or a solid chair. He has a Totem and Black collection also several commissioned items that are displayed in museums, galleries, and art collectors’ homes.