Drones – A Most Useful Innovation of this Century

These quadcopters are the most useful innovation of this century that is used from food delivery, to use cameras during the disaster and even plays a vital role in our COVID19 pandemic.


Every pandemic situation affects human life randomly. Situations will put individuals in hard times that they suffer from food to medical facilities. Disaster leads many to suffer on a daily basis. To overcome these situations, technologies came out with the source named drone.



Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a tremendous amount of issues in the medical world where people under lockdown and in quarantine suffer for basic medical needs like masks, gowns, gloves and other protective gear. In different countries, drones are also used to monitor people during this lockdown. For many past years, drones are used in various sectors like






·         HEALTH CARE


Food Deliveries

Drones are now inevitable in food delivery sectors. In fact, during these pandemic situation drones are the most used machines while delivering food in urban areas.



Law Enforcement

Many countries use drones to monitor public places and people in the city. There are drones that also monitor the presence of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials. Some drones are facilitated with Tasers that are used in criminal arrests and other cases.




In the field of agriculture, drones are used in sectors like to monitor and improve the health of crops, to maintain the irrigation process, and in livestock location identifications. Drought issues are identified with drones. Some drones are used to provide to high area coverable spread of insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers.



Commerical Film Making:

Drones have changed the use of costly form of helicopters and expensive crane gear. The dynamic form of captures is the advantages of using drones. Perfect pictured form in sports scenes is achieved.



Monitoring and Surviving

One kind of substantial growth sector in which different geographic surveying is predicted that includes the availability of mineral deposits, gas and oil pipeline monitoring, disaster area inspection and detection of wildfire. Data collection process is achieved in archaeology.



Health Care

Use of drone in many health pandemic situations is gaining attention. Distribution of medical kits and needed protective gears are distributed through this drone system. In this corona pandemic, sanitizers are delivered with these drones.