Bio-fuel with Laser technique converted by Cellulose

Heads hanging over with climate crisis which became an imminent threat. The alternative source for fossil fuel became crucial. Clean source of fuels are obtained through the production biofuels. They are produced from natural sources such as biomass.


Plant being the biological source used in various products. The plant-based polymer called cellulose is the abundant form of biomass found globally. This form is converted into raw material known as glucose and xylose used for the production of bioethanol which is a kind biofuel an alternative for fossil fuel. Insolubility of the biofuel results from the rigid and dense structure. Extreme condition is required for this process and is thus unsustainable.



The researchers of Tokyo University of Science alongside with many groups of universities developed the biodegradable form of cellulose. This degradation gets by the using this laser called the (IR-FEL) IR-free electron laser, the wavelength is between 3 to 20µm. this is a new technique of green technology for the zero-emission degradation of cellulose.




IR-FEL delivers an absorption of multiphoton of a molecule that can alter the substance structure. The technology is getting a rise in the field of environmental technology. IR-FEL could be used in the dissociation reactions on various biomolecules.




Carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen molecules are composed to form a biopolymer named cellulose, which forms covalent bonds of varying lengths and angles with each other. This polymer is having 3 IR bands with wavelengths ranges of 3.5, 9.1, 7.2µm wavelengths respect to 3 separate bonds. They are with modes of C-O stretching mode, H-C-O bending mode, and C-H stretching bond.

Electrospray ionization techniques with mass spectrometry synchrotron infrared radiation microscopy are used to decompose successful to glucose and cellobiose (precursor molecules of bioethanol production.



·         Functional biomaterials in biocompatible cell membranes

·         In antibacterial sheets

·         Hybrid paper materials