Acura creates a Safer Airbag that looks like a Baseball Glove

Acura is a Honda's luxury division and develops a replacement remarkably formed three-piece airbag that aims to scale back injuries and fatalities.


In the year 2018, more than 22,000 motorcar rider lost their lives, within that more than 10,000 accidents were single-car accidents only in America. Acura is the luxurious vehicle division of Honda is functioning on a replacement of existing airbag design with a baseball glove shaped airbag to reduce injuries and fatalities in the front seat.



This is all new 3-chamber airbag that deploys in three elements formed just like the letter "U", one frontal and 2 from sides to perform equally to a glove. 2 side bags will make sure that the driver’s head doesn't move away off from the dashboard throughout the duration of the accident and facilitate a slower, additionally controlled slowing for the passenger's upper body and head.



This new technology was created with the help of the new crash test dummy named Thor. This dummy is meant to generate the results of high-speed collisions on the human body effectively than before. With additional constancy to our properties of biomechanical, development and analysis and can easily predict the actual injuries precisely.



R & D team observed that in a crash, the impact isn't always directed at a right angle, slanted crashes cause torsion of the neck, spine and thorax. After many tests of every kind like static collision tests, sledge tests, and also real-vehicle crash tests, the U-shaped airbag works better than the existing airbags, particularly in unparalleled crashes.



Three-chamber airbag performs particularly well against DAI (Diffuse Axonal Injuries) compared to conventional airbags. Once the head suddenly decelerates and accelerates, the axon endings connecting neurons to at another neurons will get torn, usually leading to a coma. The R&D team are trying to lower the impact of this injury with this airbag technology. The Autoliv is a partner company is planning to manufacture safety item for other OEMs.