A Notepad or A Boredom Snack

An edible notepad with a coffee flavoured marker to kill our boredom.


A Japanese company is developing edible notepads that facilitate create your impulsive nibbling separately for those who’ve become over boredom whereas engaging from working from home reaching to have a rough transition back to workplace life. Munching on Doritos and popcorn throughout conferences isn’t precisely ideal workplace prescript.



Ainz Co. Ltd. created the notepads as some way to recycle and make use of scrap materials left over from the photocopy and printing, understanding what those materials’ property, and what precisely goes into the paper to form it safe to eat.



The company named this invention as “Kamihime” in Japanese or Paper princess in English, The Kamihime notepads don’t hide the sounds of flatulence, however having 2 sheets might stop the rumbling sounds of your stomach during work.



Although we have chowed paper at least once, it is assumed that fine sheets of papers aren’t terribly flavourful. But, the Paper princess notepads are provided with a marker that its ink is seasoned like coffee taste, so your unwanted notes may become your chewable coffee. At this time, it wouldn’t be shocking the 3M also doing research in this concept and provide a banana-flavoured notepad.