Japan’s Semi-humanoid Robot, Pepper Visits Doreming

Japan’s renowned semi-humaniod robot, Pepper, visited Doreming in its Japan office, and the entire team seems quite pleased with its presence.

Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot made by SoftBank Robotics, formerly Alderan Robotics, designed with an ability to read people’s emotions.

Pepper was introduced on June 5, 2014 and was subsequently presented in Softbank mobile phone stores in Japan. Pepper has an amazing ability to analyze a person’s expressions and voice tones.

In 2015, Pepper paid a visit to Doreming’s Japan office and was warmly welcomed by the latter’s team in Japan.

Pepper was created in an aim to make people happy, improve one’s life, help relationships, have fun and connect people with the outside world. Meanwhile, its creator is hoping that its independent developers will soon create new content and used for Pepper.

In 2016, Pepper UK welcomed the advent of Pepper, creating its second version. Now, Pepper serves as a receptionist in the country and has the ability to identify visitors using facial recognition, send alerts for meetings, chat with prospective clients and even arrange drinks to be made.

Moreover, the humanoid robot has likewise been employed at bank facilities in Japan through the use of application launched by Seikatsu Kakumei. Thus, this giant fintech company in Japan, is anticipating that its education and investment will be returned in the future as it sees a great potential in the industry.

*Image in this article gives credit to Doreming.com