Doreming as the First Fintech Company in Japan to be Based in ‘Level39’

Fortunately for Doreming, it has the credentials to be the first fintech company based in Level39.

Doreming is proud to announce that it is going to be the first fintech company in Japan to be based in “Level39”.

The fintech company has the technology to help lessen the poverty and inequality by increasing the income of wage earners across the globe through 8 intellectual properties.

Moreover, its business model is focused on maximizing the benefits of wage earners. While businesses are micro-lending to wage earners with interest rate and / or fees, Doreming on the other hand is creating an accessible, affordable and efficient system for employees, so they don’t have to shoulder other charges.

The company would deploy at least four (4) people based in London as it starts its business in the multi-national London in an aim to contribute to the society through aiding to lessen poverty and inequality.

Level39 is distinguished to be the world’s most connected community. It helps and supports fast-growing industry three ways – providing access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure.


*Images in this blog post give credits to Doreming’s official web page.