Doreming as One of 2016 Fintech100’s Emerging Stars

During the 2016 Fintech100, Doreming has been chosen as one of the Emerging Stars by the said leading Global fintech.

Doreming is quite grateful after it has been chosen as one of the emerging star of the 2016 Fintech100 by the leading fintech.

Thanks to KPMG and H2 Ventures for this utmost recognition for Doreming.

Fintech100 showcases the leading 50 Established fintech companies and the most captivating 50 emerging stars across the globe annually. It is a collaboration of between KPMG Fintech and the giant fintech investment firm, H2 Ventures, which aims to demonstrate the disruption occurring in the world’s financial services industry, with more capital being invested across the globe in both startups and established business ventures that are innovating new financial products and solutions.