Doreming Listed in Freshminds’ ’25 of the Most Disruptive FinTech Firms

Doreming has been listed in Freshminds’ ‘25 of the Most Disruptive FinTech Firms’ and the said fintech company in Japan is quite grateful for such recognition.

Fortunately for Doreming, it has been listed in Freshminds’ ’25 of the Most Disruptive FinTech Firms’. Thus, it is very pleased for such appreciation.

According to Freshminds, many consumer to business payment fintech firms are progressively well established, but some firms are seeking to facilitate business to employee payment services.

And the giant consultancy firm sees Doreming as one of those fintech firms that focus on financial inclusion for employees. Apparently, Freshminds believe that Doreming showcases an emerging theme for fintech firms, with the World Bank estimating that approximately 2.5 billion adults worldwide are excluded from traditional banking services. Moreover, research from Doreming itself revealed that millions are forced into taking loans at high interest rates from unofficial sources like loan sharks. Thus, in an aim to address the issue, Doreming have created a payroll accounting system that gives employees access to their daily incomes through a linked account online. The system reduces the risk of default since payments are made pro rata, rather than a monthly or weekly wages. For an instance, its system automatically updates the payroll processing to compute the accumulated salary of employees with its deducted taxes, insurance and other statutory expenses.

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