Doreming Exhibits at Slush in Helsinki

Doreming was featured live in Slush having some 17,500 attendees from at least 124 countries, which includes some 2,336 startups, 610 journalists and 1146 investors.

Through the support of Fukuoka City, Doreming exhibited at Slush in Helsinki, Finland by the end of 2016.

At the same building where Slush is being held, the emerging fintech company in Japan took the center stage to talk about its solutions such as payroll system and attendance management at the event arranged by Fukuoka City.

Slush is a non-profit startup and tech event which was duly organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, festival organizers and even students since 2008. It is being held annually in Helsinki, Finland. From at least 300-participant press conference in 2008, it has now become one of the leading global startup events of its kind and Doreming was quite pleased for being a part of its significant milestones.

Slush aims to facilitate founder and investor meetings as well as to build a world-wide startup community. Moreover, it is a student-driven society aiming to modify people’s attitudes regarding entrepreneurship as it gives a platform for youths and student volunteers to co-organize, create the event, and develop new talents in the industry.

During Slush 2016, where Doreming was exhibited, more than 17,000 people from 130 countries, which include some 2,336 startups, 1,146 investors and 630 journalists, were gathered together. The event was held on November 30 to December 1, and speakers include Lowercase Capital’s Founder and Chairman, Chris Saca, Draper Fisher Jurvetson’s managing director, Steve Jurvetson, Stack Overflow’s CEO and Co-founder, Joel Spolsky, Klarna’s Founder and CEO, Sebastian Siemiatkowski and Indiegogo’s Co-founder, Danae Ringelmann.