DOREMING - Making Every day ‘Pay Day’

Doreming was founded by Yoshikazu (a CEO in a blue-collar payroll firm in Japan) in 2015. Subsequently, he decided to launch his own business called myKyu.

Doreming is a real-time salary transfer system to help ‘Internet Cafe Refugees in Japan – they are those temporary workers who lost their homes and permanent jobs around 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed and started living in internet cafes.

The team started developing Doreming to allow the unbanked and under banked workers to easily access to their wages at the end of the day. This system is now being adopted across Japan.

Doreming provides employers with a real-time payroll system that calculates wages and taxes as soon as employees clock out, allowing employees to tap into their accrued wages through mobile banking.

Doreming empowers unbanked workers by ensuring they can pay for basic items while enabling them to develop and track their employment history. This history can then be used for affordable financial services in the future.

Doreming allowed them to transfer their take-home salary to their bank accounts as soon as they finished working for the day. This system has been adopted by employers in Japan to provide a financial wellness benefit for employees, and employers saw increase in their retention rates.

How Doreming works

To use Doreming, employees simply clock in and out as usual. After completion of their work, they use the Doreming app to buy items in shops with the wages they have earned (or accrued) so far.

For workers, Doreming want them to feel safe. Going into a poverty spiral is very scary and climbing out from poverty needs a lot of courage.

Doreming’s system has several benefits for both workers and their employers. For workers, the risk gets lower through payroll system because payments are made through a pro-rata pay that they are expecting to receive on payday. For employers, their system automates their payroll processing to calculate real-time accrued salary of their workers with taxes, insurance costs and other statutory expenses deducted.

Doreming provides employees a record of their employment when they want to change companies. Workers who are being able to present their employment history can help show stable employment and reliability when they apply for loans. Moreover, Doreming helps employees rate their employers, aiding workers searching for reliable businesses.

Doreming Achievements

In October 2016, Doreming became the first Japanese company to be named in Fintech 100, a report by KPMG and H2 Ventures, which examines global companies leveraging technology and driving disruption in the financial services industry.

Doreming has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the leading retail bank Lien Viet Post Bank, and the wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co, Mitsui Knowledge Industry (MKI). As part of the agreement, Doreming will build a solution for managing and paying wages to workers in Vietnam through Lien Viet Post Bank’s Vien Viet non-physical card.

Future of Doreming

So far, Doreming has already established teams in Japan, London, San Francisco, Singapore and India.

Doreming hopes to reach 400 million workers, and to fulfill this goal, Doreming is looking to help workers by partnering with government agencies, payment providers, banks and telecommunication companies.

To be precise, the app, Doreming, lets employers manage payrolls, calculate salaries and send money directly to workers. Usually, money is deposited in employees' bank accounts once a month on a set date, after banks processed data provided by companies. But with Doreming, workers can see how much they have earned each day and make purchases using that money, simply by scanning QR codes at shops. The employers are the ones that pay the stores, electronically.