5 Special Privileges Provided Exclusively to Women in India

India is a patriarchal society. In fact, out of millions of literary works in the past, only few talks about women, their contributions, and their significant role in molding history and society. In schools, most of the history textbooks blatantly speak about kings and male leaders and not much about female characters.

But, with the changing times, the women in the society also wanted that their positions be changed. And this reform happened during the mid-twentieth century wherein women were granted more right and freedom in the society. Since then, a number of legislations have been made and some laws were amended in an aim to keep the objective of women empowerment in mind.

Here is the list of a few important laws that provide several rights exclusive to women in India, which are briefly explained below:

Free Legal Aid

While a man in India has to qualify the country’s income barrier, wherein he has to be very indigent, in order to get free legal assistance, every women in the country regardless of how much she earns, is entitled to free legal assistance as mandated under the Legal Services Authorities Act of 1987.

Sexual Intercourse outside Wedlock or Adultery

Under India’s penal code adultery is an offense but only if committed by a man. The India’s Penal Code, though has strict punishment for men who commit adultery, remains discreet in case of women committing adultery.

This is to protect women from any humiliation that may arise from being referred to as an adulterous woman in a trial court.

Not Being Watched in an Objectionable State or Voyeurism

Women in India have all the right to not being watched or taken photo or filmed while being indulged in any private act or an unpleasant state when any sensible person who, reasonably expect privacy. Such circumstances include situations when either her genitals or breasts are exposed while leaning, taking a bath or covered with undergarments.

Cannot be Arrested After Dusk and Before Dawn

As stated under the procedure code in India, women cannot be arrested after dusk and before dawn. Thus, no police office can arrest a woman after sunset and before sunrise. But, there could also be an exception, in cases where the orders of a first class magistrate is released for such arrest or is requested by the arresting authority depending on the severity and other circumstances surrounding the case.

Moreover, whenever a woman has to be arrested, regardless if it is in broad day light or at midnight with the permission of the magistrate, there has to be a presence of a female officer, or any other female authority assisting the arresting officials to handle the arrested women.

Reservation in Local Self-governance

Other than the reservation under the scheduled castes and tribes category, a third of the total seats in the over-all elected offices in local bodies, regardless if it is in rural areas or urban, have been reserved exclusively for women.

And this is how women are being treated in India.