Where Could One Find A Good Teacher For Learning Japanese?

This is for all those who desire to learn Japanese but stuck in the middle way without knowing to find an aide. This Article contains all you want and it also has some of the institutions authorized by the Japan Foundation.

To be Frank, there are very few authorized institutions to learn Japanese. Most of those are in the south of India, especially in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Especially, Karnataka has many number of Japanese institutions that are run by Native Japanese. Apart from these , there are several other Online courses that are been taught by Native Japanese. As stated in my previous articles, one needs an aide such as a Japanese teacher to kick start his/her learning endeavour in the Japanese language as one needs some time and aide to understand the fundamentals of the language. One should have at least N5 to proceed on with oneself. For me, One should opt for an authorized institution like ABK-AOTS. It is authorized by the Japan foundation and is a registered society formed voluntarily by Engineers, Executives, Entrepreneurs and others on a good social cause of acting as a bridge between India and Japan. It is one those societies that have been entrusted with conducting the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) in the south of India. It works mainly in South India. They have also been providing translation and interpretation services to most of the MNC's in South India. Most of it's teachers were trained in Japan. So, one can choose ABK-AOTS for learning Japanese. I have to say that trusted institution for Japanese language are only found in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in south and pune in Maharashtra and few other cities in the north of India.

       I didn’t have much difficulties in searching for all those authorized institutions, as I had been bestowed with an opportunity to learn Japanese in my college. Since then I got to know about ABK-AOTS and used to visit it in Chennai frequently for attending cultural and technical events conducted by Native Japanese. Fortunately, I am from Tamil Nadu where we do have abundant resources for learning Japanese language. Above all, I had been studying Japanese without any aide until now. The course fee too is not affordable to everyone. It costs around 20000 to 30000 rupees for a level. But still there are some genuine resources costing around 10000 to 15000 rupees per level or even less. My suggestion would be to learn Japanese from a teacher until N5 and then on you can opt for self study as it's all about your exposure to the language. There are lot of events related to Japanese been conducted frequently by ABK-AOTS and several other institutes. Try to participate in those events and gain exposure to the language as not everything can be taught by a teacher.