What do you know about shinkansen other than as a bullet train?

This is an article that concisely explains you about Shinkansen more than a bullet train and the ways of using it for travel.

        Shinkansen is without any doubt the symbol of Japan. Japan is the pioneer for all such innovative inventions which is still a dream project for many countries. Shinkansen was first unveiled in 1964, when they started to revive their economy after losing the second world war. That was the time when Japan was given the opportunity of hosting the Olympics. The world's first high speed railway line was the Tokkaido line between Tokyo and Kyoto. The name Tokkaido was given after the main road that connected Tokyo with Kyoto. Tokkaido shinkansen line is the most popular lines in Japan. Train travel in Japan is indispensable as it's the most convenient and luxurious mode of transportation in Japan. Also it’s a very vast technology where you have to learn even for using it. Let’s see few details about shinkansen.

  Categories of Shinkansen:

     Shinkansen is categorized based on the line which they are operated on. As stated earlier, Tokkaido is the oldest and the most popular lines in Japan. All are under the control of the Japan Railways(JR). Let’s Take a look at the categories based on different lines.

         1) Tokkaido shinkansen,

                 - Nozomi,

                 - Hikari,

                 - kodama.

2) Sanyo Shinkansen,

                 - mizuho,

                 - Nozomi,

                 - Sakura,

                 - Hikari,

                 - Kodama.

3) Tohoku Shinkansen,

                 - Hayabusa,

                 - Hayate,

                 - Yamabiko,

                 - Nasuno,

                 - Komachi,

                 - Tsubasa.

4) Hokkaido Shinkansen,

                 - Hayabusa,

                 - Hayate.

        5) Joetsu Shinkansen,

                         - Toki,

                         - Tanigawa.

       6) Hokuriku Shinkansen,

                         - Kagayaki,

                         - Hakutaka,

                         - Asama,

                         - Tsurugi.

       7) Kyuushu Shinkansen,

                         - Mizuho,

                         - Sakura,

                         - Tsubame.

      The following are the categories of Shinkansen based on the line.

Let’s See the ways to buy a ticket in Shinkansen.

*   At a Ticket counter,

*   Ticket Machines,

*   Online,

*   JR pass.

1) Ticket Counter:

      Every station has a staff to whom one should give the details like number of travellers, date of travel, Departure and arrival stations, ordinary or Green car, reserved or non reserved seats and so on.

2) Ticket Machines:

       One can purchase the tickets at the Ticket Machines which is bilingual.

3)  Online:

       One has to get into the appropriate website or application and register for an IC card and get the tickets at the machine.

4) Japan Rail Pass:

       JR pass can be used widely on almost all the trains under JR but cannot be used on the Nozomi and Mizuho.

Types of seats:

*   Ordinary,

*   Business class( Green cars).

        Seat reservation is mandatory for Green cars and ordinary class has both reserved and non-reserved seats.


          Hayabusa, Hayate and Komachi trains on Tohoku and Hokkaido shinkansens and Kogayaki trains on Hokuriku are fully reserved. There is no option for  non-reserved seats.

       The following are some of the basic things one has to know before leaving to Japan.