This is an article that gives you the significance of Polyglotism and the way I learnt Japanese. It also contains all my recommended genuine language learning websites and mobile applications through which you can converse with native speakers.

This is a sequel of my previous post where I am going to reveal the person who taught and instigated me to learn Japanese. To be honest I was just initiated to learn Japanese by an Indian Japanese teacher who taught me just the scripts of the language. Then on I took a considerable effort to improve my skill on this language. I would like to let you guys know the websites and applications that I took as my references to learn Japanese. So first I would like to go with the privileges of a polyglot.

The person in the above picture is a Lebanese polyglot named Ziad Fazah who holds the Guinness world record for speaking the most number of languages. He can speak and read 59 languages.

The first Qualification for working in a different country would be the ability to speak the language spoken in that country. It makes you qualified to work with the workers of that nation. Especially countries like Japan, China, South Korea where there are many tech giants would prefer a Foreign employee who speaks their language. Being a polyglot not only bestows you with a job in your own field but it makes your profile open for any field. There would also be a lot of preferences for a polyglot over the employees of one's own country .

Below are some of the websites and applications that I use even until present for my references.

       This website is one of the popular language learning sites. It offers you not only Japanese but also other languages like Portuguese, Chinese. Etc.

Each language will be taught by its natives speakers. When it comes to Japanese there are several courses and videos for free. Important expressions used in daily conversations are taught here by native Japanese.  This makes you to grab their tone, intonations and slang which helps you sound more like a native speaker.


Italki is one of the widely used language learning sites used by over 5M language learners. There are many language teachers for languages like Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Turkish, German, Italian, Russian, Korean. etc  engaged in this website. There are more than 10000 language teachers who are accessible in this website. But this website doesn’t offer you a free course but provides you with a  quality language training session.


    * You can choose your teacher based on your interests,

    * You will be provided with a one on one class on flexible schedules.

    * Payments will be paid per lesson and with price that meets your budget.

    * Take the class at anytime and anywhere.


   Weblio is an online encyclopedia and a Japanese dictionary which has 4,160,000 English words and 4,730,000 Japanese words.


   LINE is an application where you can connect to native Japanese that is similar to WhatsApp. You can exchange texts, videos, audios. Etc.


  Hellotalk is another application where you can learn a lot of languages. Especially in case of Japanese you can connect to native Japanese and have a free talk with them. All you have to do is just download the app in your mobile and connect to native speakers. It is also similar to WhatsApp and you can add and view status posted by Native Japanese. You can also have a free talk at anytime.

       I would suggest you guys to go with both and in case of websites and LINE and HELLO TALK in case of applications. Especially Hello talk and LINE are compatible.