Don't worry if you are a Gadget lover and can't find time to go to Akihabara!!

Want to know the Akihabara of Osaka? It is by no means lower in entertainment when compared to it's counterpart the Akihabara.

The contention between the Kansai and Kanto locales is, as a rule, show most unmistakably in the progressing chitchat and energetic need to feel superior between the urban areas of Tokyo and Osaka. Where Osaka's Tsuruhashi Korean Town and umeda sky building are perfect match for  Tokyo's Shin Okubo, the Korean Town and the Tokyo SkyTree respectively.

Nipponbashi is a zone in the southern Minami locale of Osaka that has for some time been known for its modest gadgets and apparatus stores and has all the more as of late become similarly notable as a focal point of otaku (or nerd) culture. Nicknamed Denki Machi which signifies "Electric Town" or just Denden Town, this region is Osaka's solution to Tokyo's well known Akihabara gadgets locale. In the mid twentieth century a great deal recycled merchandise, garments, and book shops opened in Nipponbashi, and it wasn't until after the Second World War that electrical stores started to overwhelm the zone.

You can discover increasingly customary electronic deals as well. The colossal, multi-leveled "Sofmap" store toward the start of the road, originating from Nipponbashi, has TVs, PCs, cell phones and all way of other recycled gadgets, at absolute bottom costs. Regardless of whether you're into anime, computer games, collectible games, or you simply love sprucing up in odd ensembles, Den Town has something for everybody. Perhaps the best an ideal opportunity to visit Den Town is in March every year, when the territory plays host to one of the greatest anime-themed yearly occasions in Kansai: The Nipponbashi Street Festa. Cosplayers from all over Japan, and to be sure past, drop on Den Town to swagger their stuff in a road march inviting devotees everything being equal and characters. You will likewise observe youngsters wearing French maid costumes at each crossing point of Otaku Road who are attempting to pull in clients to their principle bistros. At these bistros the young ladies in overstated maid outfits serve drinks, visit with clients and some of the time mess around as well. Despite the fact that initially planned for youthful male otaku, these bistros have gotten famous with visitors all things considered. Be that as it may, these bistros can be extravagant as your last bill isn't only for the beverages, or the food, yet additionally for the maids of the cafe's mindful assistance and discussion.