Do we worship the same Gods as Japan or does Japan do so!!

This is an article that gives you the spiritual connect between India and Japan.

The topic for today would be interesting for those who are theist. As we have a connection with Japan in every article that I post, today we are about to see the similar Gods and Goddesses worshipped in India and Japan. This is yet another fact that brings India and Japan another inch closer. India and Japan have similar spiritual beliefs and practices as there are lot of festivals celebrated in Japan that are very similar to India. Even the belief of teru teru bouzu (paper craft of a monk) that is made and hung for the whether to turn pleasant. Here in India, we do have similar practices for paying tribute and requesting rain from the universe. Let’s get into the topic!!

1)  Goddess Lakshmi:

      Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped widely in India from Kashmir, the northernmost part of India to Kanyakumari, the southernmost part. We all know prosperity is personified as Goddess Lakshmi in India. The people of Japan too worship Lakshmi with a different name ‘kichijoji’. Kichijoji temple, situated in Tokyo is believed to have been dedicated to the Indian Goddess Lakshmi. Kichijoji temple is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tokyo.

2)  The concept of Chakras:

       The concept of chakra is one the ancient beliefs inherited through the Hinduism and in India. Chakras are the magical points in our body that are to be focused for different functioning of the body. Even Japanese do have the same belief.

3)  Lord Indira:

        Lord Indira, the God of storm and thunder and the ruler of heaven in India is worshipped in Japan in the name ‘taishakuten' that he will save both Gods and humans from evil.  

4)  Lord Brahma:

       Lord Brahma is believed to be the god of creator in Hinduism. He is depicted as having four heads in India. Japanese worship a similar structured Lord Bonten who is believed to be a creator.

5)  Goddess Saraswathi:

       Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped in India as a Goddess of knowledge and music holding a  musical instrument called ‘veena' in her hands. Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped in Japan with name ‘Benzaiten' with a traditional Japanese musical instrument ‘Biwa'. Just as Lord Saraswathi holds a veena, Lord Benzaiten holds Biwa. Moreover lord Benzaiten is worshipped for eloquence by Japanese.

6)  Lord Ganesha:

       Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Gods in India whose festival is celebrated in a lavish way in India. He is one among the favourites of Indians mainly for his appearance of an Elephant. Even Japanese do worship a God with the same elephant appearance named ‘Kangiten'. He is believed to have been worshipped for avoiding obstacles in the work undertaken.

7)  Lord Yama:

       He is the one who is believed that we have to face afterlife and also known as the king of hell. He usually rides on a buffalo and has been believed in Japan under a similar sounding name ‘emma-ten'.

  The above mentioned Gods worshipped in India is widely worshipped in many parts of Asia where Buddhism is being practised.