A Pedagogic venture of an Indian girl in Japan

An Interesting and Informative article on the Life of an Indian student in Japan who is from the best place in India to view the sunrise and sunset, Kanyakumari.

To be added to the list of another inspiring career of an Indian student in Japan, this article fades away all the beliefs and morals that restrain women from travelling. There are certain restraints when it comes to travelling even a few hundred kilometres for a woman in India, especially in the southern part. But that’s not the case for Ms. Jeena who is from the south most part of India, Kanyakumari. She dared to fly 6000 kilometres from India to Japan in search of Knowledge.

        Having done her bachelor's degree in Computer science and Engineering in Arunachala College of Engineering for women, which is rated to be one of the top most Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, she opted to pursue her higher education in Japan. She is a typical Indian girl whose joy and feelings are bounded within her family and friends. She had all her procedures done for her master's degree in Japan when she was pursuing her under graduation as it was already decided. She also had her cousin working in Japan whom she would have come to know about Japan from as applying for a university in Japan is different from India. One has to do all kind of analysis about the university to go with the right one. She had enrolled for admissions in a couple of Japanese Universities in which she got admitted into Keio University in Tokyo which excels in Research, education and medicine and Kyushu University between which she opted the latter as private universities could cost too much but doesn't compromise with the standards and quality of education. She was also qualified to acquire Scholarship to help her live in Japan.

When asked about the difference in education system in India and Japan, Japan is more objective says Jeena as Japanese rely on data before venturing into anything. There involves a lot of research and documentation in both work and academics in Japan. This shows the extent to which they value data. She has a Group Discussion and presentation every week. This shows that education system in Japan is more of a research based one. Also it's obvious that Japan's contribution to innovations is indispensable globally. The number of patents from Japan is fairly higher than any other countries in the world. Jeena also admits that the Japanese education system is too practical that one can’t rely on textbooks which makes the students indulge themselves with academics.

She has to get along with foreign students with Chinese topping the number where she is the one who is adorable according to her classmates says Jeena. Such dynamic is her life in Japan. Having been 6000 kms apart from her home, Jeena mostly loves solitude watching and hearing to Nostalgic songs and movies. When asked about her appetite in Japan, she goes with Ramen for most of the time as her favourite which is said to be inspire from Anime and usually cooks at home. At the same time she says she is not that compatible with Japanese food. She has all praise for the Japanese technologies and transportation systems which we hear from everybody who had been to Japan and says she is determined to garner experience in such a dynamic economy. We also could realise her longing for her Family throughout the talk and says she would love to take her parents with her once employed in Japan. May her dreams come true and thank her for letting out her wonderful endeavour which could foster girl children to push the boundaries further!!