A Korean Town in Japan!! Confused?

Shin okubo- A Korean town that has been formed in Japan where you can experience all that you do in Korea.

Shin okubo is the korean town in Japan which makes one feel if he is in Korea. South Korean migrants originally moved into Shin-Okubo around 1983, when Japan made its ways for remote or foreign students from abroad. In those days, it was a reasonable neighborhood dominated by the business and financial city of Shinjuku that was only south of it. In the course of the most recent couple of decades, numerous South Korean migrants have stuck to this same pattern and settled in the Shin-Okubo territory. The region got well known with Korean understudies and workers during the '80s, and has been gradually formed to take into account Korean tastes. Nowadays Shin-Okubo can feel more like gathering focal than an unassuming private zone. While Japan–Korea relations are frequently loaded, Shin-Okubo feels like it's at present enjoying some real success on the resurging Korean Wave—a culture blast that is sparkling the focus on a country that is verifiably observed almost no worldwide portrayal.

In the event that you are into Korean culture, there is an ideal goal for you in focal Tokyo where you can discover all you need! Tokyo's Korean Town, Shin Okubo has everything identified with South Korea. There are endless Korean shops and items in this area including Korean magnificence, K-pop, Korean food and staple. Korean food is one of the most well known outside cooking styles in Japan. It's zesty, solid and delectable. There are several Korean cafés in Shin Okubo region offering tasty, reasonable and bona fide Korean food. Korean beauty items are additionally bountiful in this Japanese Korean town. In Japan, Korean excellence items including cosmetics and skin cares are as normal as Japanese items today, and you can shop them at numerous stores.Don Quijote store has a wide reputation among the tourists who come to Japan. Japan is becoming diversified throughout the years but still they are committed to nurture their tradition and culture.