The only Japanese Titanic survivor to the World's oldest Company (1400 years old)...

This is an article that comprises of some interesting facts about Japan that could be useful for you in one or the other way.

          Japan is without any doubt a land of wonders and one of the places in the list of one's favourite countries. Let’s see some interesting facts about Japan to widen your Knowledge about Japan.

1. The infamous Titanic Survivor:

        The RMS Titanic, the luxurious British liner is one of the incidents that will never fade out in the history of Human era. Now let’s see the connection between the RMS Titanic and Japan. Masabumi Hosono, a Japanese was one and only Japanese passenger among the 2224 passengers and one among about 700 survivors of the incident. Despite this being a good news, Masabumi Hosono was ostracized by his own family, people of Japan and even fired by his company considering that it was a cowardly act of saving himself as there were 1500 casualties in the incident. Such was Japanese people's humanity.

2.  Declining Birth rate:

        One of the major problems faced by Japan is the declining birth rate as it may have a futuristic problem in the Island country's economy. The population of Japan is 12.7 crores or 127M and is estimated to fall 100M and 82M in 2049 and 2065 respectively. The government is making policies to tackle this problem. One among the policies is the mother who gave birth to a child will be given Rs.2,11,562 and while half the education fee of the child will be accepted by the Government.

3.  World's oldest Company:

  Kongō Gumi Co., Ltd. is the world's oldest know company, based in Osaka which is a construction company. It is found to be established in 578 A.D or 1400 years ago. It is still in operation. 

4.  Adoption of Adults:

 Japan has a practice of adopting adults aged between 20 to 30 to expand their generation as declining birth rate is one of the major problems that Japan has to solve.

5.  Vending Machines:

     Japan is known for Vending Machines which are indispensable in Japan as it doesn't require any man power for the distribution of goods to people. It is said that Japan has about 5.52M vending machines. To understand more accurately, there is one vending machine for every 23 people in Japan.

6.  Registered pets:

        Japan is one of those countries where pets are given more importance. The pets should be registered in the municipal office which could cost around Rs.2126 and should be collared to indicate that it is registered. If the pet is found not registered, the owner will be charged. Also it is found that the number of registered pets is 21.3M and is more than that of children below 15 years which is 16.5M.

7.  Most number of centenarians:

     Japan has the most number of centenarians, people With more than 100 years of age with the number being 71274. 88% of the centenarians are women. The Guinness book for the world's oldest people will mostly be filled with a Japanese name.