An exploitative abode of an Indian woman in Japan

An inspiring tale of an Indian that would foster the endeavors of young women to pursue on their goals and go beyond the limits.

Here is yet another attention seeking tale of an Indian who is a Bellwether for the students of even this generation by being bestowed with international exposure just before the start of the 21st century. Today is all about Ms. Sarita, from the national capital of India, New Delhi. This article would be very interesting and appealing especially for women as she had gone to Japan as soon as the 21st century started. Very few parents dare and allow their girl child to cross the seas for higher studies or work even now. But the case of Ms. Sarita is peculiar that it was her father who instigated her to learn Japanese and go to Japan. Having left her High school, she got admitted in the Delhi University in 1997. Since then, in her 3rd year of the course, she discontinued her studies and decided to fly to Japan for her studies. She had also got admitted into Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University widely known as APU in Japan for Business Management with 4 years as course period. It is also to be noted that she had been learning Japanese since 1997. What makes it so special is that she was one among the very first Batch of the APU as it was chartered in 2000 when she joined. APU Allocates  equal seats to foreign Nationals. Thus students from more than 65 countries were studying along with Ms. Sarita.New Delhi, Japanese language, Enrolled in a Japanese University, start of 21st century... All these world could make you feel like you have already read this article. Yes!! We have seen the article of Ms. Archana who is cousin to Ms. Sarita. Both were in Japan in the same period and says they used to go out together and stay at each others Dormitories at times. 

    Ms. Sarita also says that she used to speak Spanish more fluent than Japanese then, as her medium of study was English unlike Ms. Archana, whose medium was Japanese. After the stipulated period for graduation in 2004, she got employed in a Japanese company in Japan. The interesting part of her academic career is that she didn't even spend a single rupee from her pocket as she completed her studies in the most advanced country in the world entirely through a 100% Scholarship(a full fee waiver) given to only one student in the whole of India a year!! This was what made her to discontinue her studies in India. She was destined to work and study in Japan despite having started her higher education in India. She was working for a Japanese company specialized in wiring systems and plastic components in the HR department for four years. Then she worked for some time in India and again went to Japan before returning to India in 2010. Now, she works as the Deputy General Manager in a Japanese training company.

When asked about favourite places in Japan, Beppu city in kyuushu island says her as she loves sea and hot springs. She adds she would be very happy if her little girl Akira chooses Japan for work or studies as she lived there quite long. Such was Japan when it comes to safety for women!! When it comes to food habits, Japan changed her from a vegetarian to a meat eater as being a vegetarian in Japan is very hard that you may miss quite a lot of varieties of food as meat and fish are indispensable in Japanese food. Her favourite Japanese food is zaru soba and ramen. She had all praise for Japanese people as they stick to their words and time perfectly and also advises the students who desire to work in Japan to follow time. She has a positive comment over Zangyou(残業) as she says she loved to stay back in the office as she had the zeal to learn things. There is no doubt that she had exploited the best of Japan for all these years and still working as a bridge between India and Japan to gain more wisdom.