Otaku: Anime and Manga lovers

Otaku's are the people having more interest in anime and manga.

This is the famous Japanese term which is specially used for people with consuming interests, mostly in the anime and manga. Otaku's first use originated in 1983 essay for Manga Burikko of Akio Nakamori. According to studies published in 2013. The word has taken on a different meaning today, it refers to a person who has had or is in the middle of having an intense hobby, which is usually added before the word itself. The connotation of the Otaku varies about the speaker and how much said speaker knows about the actual context in which it should be used. In Japanese society, Otaku (plural) are generally looked down upon, constantly derided for their passions.

It does receive a lot of scorn from their fellow peers, and hate crimes against them are not all that uncommon. The dynamic stories and appealing character set of Osamu Tezuka set the wheels in motion. The fandom looked for ways to connect, as the manga and anime industries grew. A boom in conventions, college clubs, and the overall consumer base saw in 1980. There were social events fueled by fictional universes suddenly. Semi-organically, the word Otaku grew, one man popularized it within the Japanese nerd crowd. Directly from Japanese, The word is borrowed, and in English use tends to refer to a person who has hobby-related interests that might be regarded as obsessive, particularly in the fields of anime and manga.

Otaku means "geek" or "nerd," and though it has been imported into English-speaking cultures, it still maintains these Japanese connections. After the hideous murders committed by Tsutomu Miyazaki in the late 1980s, the term otaku took on yet more negativity. Today, in Japan, otaku is widely considered to be a rude term, used to identify someone obsessed with something to a destructive, "abnormal" degree. Someone who watches anime would not be considered an otaku in Japan, but a person who, as it's reported, has a body pillow depicting their favorite anime character would be. Otaku is far less derisive, more closely resembling its original use among anime and manga fans, in Western culture.