Ninja - The warrior

A ninja or shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The ninja warriors were famous for various activities which include espionage, deception, and surprise attacks.


In Japan, Ninja was a type of warrior, during the age of the samurai they were specialized in unconventional warfare such as infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. In japan Ninja is also called “shinobi”. It means “Those who act in stealth”. Espionage, deception, and surprise attacks are the functions of the ninja. In Japan, shinobi had become a topic of popular imagination and mystery, during the time of Meiji restoration in 1868. Prominently Ninjas were figured in legend and folklore. Their association is with legendary abilities such as invisibility, walking on water, and control over natural elements. Its consequence is the perception of them in popular culture is based on legends and folklore than on the covert actors of the Sengoku period. Ninjas practiced skills is called as ninjutsu.

In this training in armed combat, weapon techniques, military strategy, meteorology, geometry, and breathing synthesis is included. This technique was passed out through the generation to generation or from teacher to their selected one or a few disciples.


The inhabitants of Iga and Koka for their skills gained a reputation, early in the 11th century. Within autonomously communities, many ninja families lived here and developing their martial skills for self-defense. In the 15th and 16th century for the set of unique skills in facilitating the conquest of castles and victories in battles, many warlords would hire the ninja of Iga and Koka as mercenaries. These were the ninja’s heydays. In the 17th century when the peace was established, the Tokugawa Shogunate employed ninja to spy on the various regional lords and to guard Edo Castle. The ninja became greatly romanticized in popular cultures, Such as kabuki. The services of ninja mainly used in the time of war. Iga and Koga were the two main schools of the ninja. A person who uses Ninjutsu is a ninja, according to the Ninja Museum of Igaryu. Ninjutsu was developed in the regions of Iga in Mie Prefecture and Koka in Shiga Prefecture. It is an independent art of warfare. Japan has the most ninja swords around. Ninja’s job is divided into two categories one is to performing espionage and the second is strategy. Espionage is as similar as the job of modern spies. After the enemies reduced their military power ninja fought with them. They never fight strong enemies by themselves. Ninja uses Strategic activities, skills to reduce the enemy’s military power. Ninjutsu was the art of “entering from afar”. Ninja constantly thinking of ways to beat the enemy, but not fighting the enemy directly and gather intelligence concerning the enemy. That’s why the lowest of the ninja is the ninja who swings their ninja swords about. In Japan, Ninjas-clad security guards are all the rage.

In western Japan, a firm Security Service Association (SSA), started issuing new informs to its fleet of security guards. SSC’s “ninja squads” are dressed like the mythic stealth assassins schooled in the tenets of ninjutsu, ditching the usual military-inspired outfits. Actually, SSC’s costumed squads are not actual ninjas. Real ninjas shouldn’t even be seen in the daytime, trained in covert arts. The simple garment has secret pockets for concealing weapons, and the traditional ninja uniforms were considered camouflage. The inner lining of this outfit was black or grey and the outer layer was tea color or khaki color.  There was a special pocket inside this outfit, where they put shikoro.  It is the small double edged-saw, a hand towel, or other long and narrow things. The chest area of this outfit area was protected by the copper mirrors, oiled paper, paper treated with astringent persimmon juice, and Japanese paper. All material used to design this outfit was bulletproof. To protect from the enemy ninja invented different tools. Ninja always works in a team they did not work alone. For e.g. To scale a wall Ninja may carry each other on their backs in a group, or to assist an individual in reaching greater heights they provide a human platform. An account given by Mikawa Go Fudoki is used to coordinate with the team of attackers who used passwords to communicate. To cause the confusion, this account also gives a case of deception, in which the attackers dressed in the same clothes as the defenders. During the Siege Osaka, when a retreat was needed, from behind ninja were commanded to fire upon friendly troops. This tactic is used later as a method of crowd dispersal. There are many ninja techniques that exist.

Some of the techniques are:

Hitsuke: This is the technique in which guards were distracted by starting a fire from the ninja’s planned point of entry. It falls under the “Fire technique”.

Tanuki- gakure: This is the technique of climbing a tree and camouflaging oneself within the foliage. It falls under the “Wood technique”.

Ukigusa- gakure: This is the technique of throwing duckweed over water in order to conceal underwater movement. This technique falls under “Water techniques”.

Uzura- gakure: This technique falls under the “Earth technique”. This is the technique of curling into a ball and remaining motionless in order to appear like a stone.


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